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Couples Counselling

Whether preventative in nature, or to assist with existing relationship difficulties, couples counselling allows both parties to express themselves in a controlled and safe space with no bias from the therapist.


You may feel you have lost your connection or grown apart, and counselling can provide an opportunity to resolve existing issues while making your relationship stronger. This process allows you both to uncover patterns, and understand your own deeper needs as well as your partner's, resulting in a more fulfilling and loving life together.

You may be going through a separation or divorce and want to maintain a positive relationship in order to co-parent effectively. This will allow your children to feel safe and secure in both your homes and will help them, and you, thrive in your new setup. Family therapy is also offered in these scenarios.


  • Relationship issues

  • Preventative / maintenance counselling

  • Separated parents

  • Blended families 

  • Infidelity / trust

Fee: $195 / 50 minute session 

Therapists: Scott Burgess, Ginger Pharand, Michelle Taggart


Key to Success

The number one deciding factor in successful therapy is the relationship with your therapist. You both need to feel a connection in terms of communication, trust, comfort and safety during your sessions.  With couples we consider your relationship as the client therefore ensuring no bias with either party. Our role is to listen and collaborate with you both in your unique situation, without any judgement, while providing continuous support.   Choosing a therapist is difficult which is why we offer complimentary calls to see if we are the right fit for each other.

What to Expect

With 2 person therapy we tend to meet together for our first session, then you each will have one-on-one sessions before coming back together. This will allow you to speak openly without being concerned about the other party's reaction or being interrupted and I mediate necessary conversations when back together if required. 

We implement a blended therapeutic approach which is client-centered. This means you are in the driver's seat at all times. With couples and family work we may draw from Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) which is attachment based, Adlerian Therapy which is humanistic and goal orientated, and Gottman Therapy for activities.

We are therapists who, as well as being here to listen non-judgementally and let you unload and sort through your problems, also tend to be more interactive in sessions. We will always support you and will guide you to explore your emotions, thoughts and behaviours, however will gently challenge you to promote further growth.


Couples sessions are preferred in person at our Burlington office. It is however possible to conduct couples counseling online via a secured video platform which can be done from the comfort of your own home, or from any private space.

Booking: All sessions, including your initial free consultation, can be booked online in advance for your convenience. 

Payment / Benefits: All fees are subject to HST.  Payment is accepted via etransfer (preferred) or credit card, and an official receipt is always provided. If you have benefits please check with your provider directly if they cover Psychotherapists. Please note, we do not provide direct billing at this time.

General Information

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